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    Quote Originally Posted by Job Shopper TN View Post
    I've been pondering something reading this thread. Is there a formula, calculator etc. to determine the actual depth a thread would need to be cut to given a certain threading insert (tip radius etc.)?

    In my experience you program to the nominal minor diameter, knowing you will need to either adjust the X value in the thread cycle, tool wear page etc. to get the PD to check right. Both CAM systems I have used (Solidcam and Mastercam) replicate this fairly well, like the default target X is usually close to the minor diameter (or tap drill size).

    Or for an ID thread, it's usually the nominal major diameter.

    So I wonder if there's a way to try to cut through all that. Especially as the coarser the thread is, typically requires larger offset changes depending on the tool being used. I suppose it could be drawn out in CAD or something, and perhaps there are too many variables for a formula or calculator to exist.
    There is if you measure the insert and the rad to the tenth. but do you want to take the time to do it for each insert and pop it into cad ? on a J thread(controlled root Rad. thread) you could get closer. as you already know your root rad tols.
    this is what offsets are for put in what your best guess is then use your offset much faster.

    If I am running lots of production threads on the lathe I will adjust my X axis minor in the program to keep my offset number as close to 0 as possible. Reason for this is so I dont over write the offset for by being dumb, or have a typo and forget what the number was I wanted to put in.

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