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    Default cnc forum posting guidelines

    I, as cnc forum moderator, figure its about time this place had a sticky at the top. The basic rules to post by in here:

    topics can range anything from cnc machining to production machining of any type,,,,, meaning brown and sharps, broaching, manual dedicated production machines to the lastest 119 axis cnc mill/ lathe/ swiss machine.

    Any titles I deem offensive can and/ or will be locked/ deleted as I see fit

    No option codes will allowed to be posted publicly... I don't need the forum owner getting calls from machine makers complaining.

    I don't mind asking for parameter lists in the event a machine is way old and down,, been in that position myself several times, bad param backup and no real way back up except for posts here.

    Anything that turns into a pi**ing match will also be locked.

    I am fairly easy going for the most nice and you'll have to look hard to tell that anyone is watching.


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