Flashing Uno board + unsmooth jog
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    Default Flashing Uno board + unsmooth jog

    Disclaimer: First time trying to flash and configure new setup of Uno board, CNC shield...

    My old (and first) Uno board (preloaded with GRBL) died on me so I ordered a new Uno board... Or atleast thought it was an original Uno board, but to my surprise it turned up as a (I think) chinese rip-off (Geekcreit Uno R3). Eitherways...

    My issue was that I had no serial connection and possibly a few drivers died - my approach was atleast to swap it all out.

    I can now connect via UGS and jog in all directions! HOWEVER - there's something weird going on... When I jog the movement doesn't seem smooth like before, it seems very "sluggish"/slow.
    Settings are the same in UGS as before, so feed rate etc. the same.

    Could I be missing some steps in configuring the Uno board/CNC stepper shield (v. 3.0), driver or similar? (first time dealing with something like this)

    What i've done: (from scratch)
    1. Put together new Geekcreit Uno R3 board + new CNC Shield (jumpers etc. placed as before) + 4 new DRV8825 drivers (configured correct 0.65 voltage)
    2. Flashed GRBL 0.9j to the Uno board (via XLoader)
    3. In the Arduino Ide (software) connected to GRBL in the terminal (serial monitor) and verified being able to send GRBL commands
    4. In UGS > connected > and did test jog in all directions

    Im noticing the Uno Board is appearing with red LED lamps and not green as with the original (probably toasted board). Not sure if it means anything bad...

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    I'm not gonna lie... You probably won't get much help with this specific question here. Steppers and arduinos and homebrew CNC machines aren't really used or supported here. This is a forum for professionals, using professional grade machines, and the kind of machine you're talking about is actually banned from discussion here.

    You're welcome to stick around and ask all of your machining related questions (I recommend it), but I doubt many here have any experience with that kind of machine. Look up the home shop machinist or CNC Zone forums and ask there, that's where all the homebrew CNC guys hang out, and you will get much better answers there.

    Welcome to the forum.

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