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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    In G84 (on a Milltronics machine) the spindle is not synchronized to the Z feed. So you call out a Z-.5 for example and you are spinning 1000 rpm then it takes maybe .8 of a second to reverse the spindle, that's where the Tension and Compression holder springs out, and the dwell is necessary for the spindle to stop and get reversed before you call out a Z.3 move to get clear of the hole. Yes. he should be using G99 (stay down at the specified R level, I like to use .3 when tapping) and G98 on the last line to pull back up to safe level.

    Unfortunately Milltronics software is kind of bass ackwards from everybody else and uses G88 for rigid and G84 for T&C. You will need to mess about with your post to get the proper output. I believe someone on the cnc dot zone forum for Milltronics machines, another user posted a processor that works for Rigid tapping on the Milltronics controls with Fusion.
    There was a forum post here a year and a bit ago that addressed a similar situation using Fusion that actually made me realize the milltronics tomfoolery. The post processor code for Fusion is a bit different than Inventor HSM so the code listed in that post didn't work when I tried it. I'll have to play around with it. In the mean time, I had enough knowledge to get the post to spit out everything correctly minus the feed rate input. Until I have the time to brush up on my javascript I'll just have to manually alter the feedrate. Other than that, the program is working great now. I appreciate all the input guys!


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    Are you chamfering the holes before tapping. that really helps on form taps. especially with a floating tap holder.

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