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    The program you posted above will give you Jerky motions, no ifs ans or butts about it, even with the highspeed option. there is no parameter on earth that would keep the jerkyness from happening either on a haas machine
    if you look at it just in "A" axis alone you have tons of code in line just moving the "A" axis. you could delete all of them and just leave the ending and begining of the "A" axis
    . that would help, but then you would have the x and a moves that are segmented.
    Take the program you have now and delete lines

    N21355 A184.818 F303.03 to N22400 A-113.318
    Change line N12355 to A-113.318 F303.03
    then delete all line in between.
    run the program and you will see all the jerkyness went away.
    again your x z and a lines you cant delete because thats gives you your rad's in a segmented version.

    this is one reason why you need Full 4th axis software, as it will dump the the segmented moves and you will get a few lines of code. sine its expensive there are other ways like the haas g107 code below

    if you draw your picture flat then use the g107 you would have a tons less moves and real rads rather then segmented lines.
    heres a haas example
    G107 Cylindrical Mapping (Group 00)

    try it and you will see what I mean.

    I'll get a full 4th axis code up as soon as I can meaning with out using g107 or the segmented stuff you posted.
    hand codeing full 4th stuff is kinda difficult on most prints because you need to know where "A" starts and stops to keep your part to the correct size

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