Heidenhain TNC151 Tool Length Workaround Help
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    Default Heidenhain TNC151 Tool Length Workaround Help

    Hello All,

    I run an interact series 1 CNC mill with Heidenhain TNC151 control and wondered if anyone has come up with a workaround on setting tool offsets every single time.

    I thought of using tool library but wondered if you still have to enter offsets in relation to longest tool for that individual program?

    I am wasting great amounts of time with the tool setting each time and tend to do low batch volume and prototypes so is costing me. My post processor also only spits out length 0 as it's an old control and when drip feeding I have to put manual pass through for tool definitions (wouldn't have to if using library)

    Once funds allow I will be upgrading to a machine auto tool changer and more modern control so hope to probe and go from there, but for now this is great machine apart from these little issues.

    I did think about always having tool 1 as a long touch probe then I could offset all tools against that once and job done but that means quill is out way too far on some jobs and may struggle with running out of travel.

    Any tips on whether the whole tool library is referenced even on job with on a couple of them so its set once and go or other tips and tricks much appreciated.

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    Use the tool table, that's what it's for. You do not need to use the longest tool as the reference, I'd use one in the middle of the range. Others will be offset +/- that tool. Call it offset zero and set your datum with it. On that machine, the limited CNC Z travel will always be an issue that will have you struggling with headroom.

    Ideally in CNC you use the longest tool so that if you forget to enter a tool offset in the table, you will not damage the work (as any other tool will clear at offset zero) but with limited Z travel, compromises need to be made. When you get a probe (a Haimer type works well in that sort of machine) then that becomes offset zero and tools are set relative to it.

    Are you in HH mode or ISO?

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