Help with Matsuura I80 no G1 without M3
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    Default Help with Matsuura I80 no G1 without M3

    Our shop has a few Matsuuras, we love them. But they are getting older.
    It is an I80 controller on a RA2f pallet changing machine 1997. We scheduled a ball bar with one of our machines and could not do one. The irony is I have done one before, with this same service tech, but now can't. For some reason the machine will not go into and feed movement unless the spindle is turning.
    This machine is in production every day, its a champ. Needed a ball bar to help figure out a little tick mark it started to leave on parts.
    Combing through the manuals gave a few ideas but nothing worked.
    We are thinking a parameter got changed to not allow it to go into a feed movement unless the spindle is turning. All the m codes in the book that were remotely related (mostly tapping stuff) did not work.
    This feature saved us a few times when we were having some strange spindle not coming on troubles. That problem was solved but i personally don't know what the fix was.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    If the feed mode is feed/rev, the spindle must rotate for the tool to move in G01.

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