Help Please: Fanuc Spindle Servo Problem
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    Default Help Please: Fanuc Spindle Servo Problem

    Hi All,

    I'm have a bit of a problem with my Kitamura MC1 with Fanuc Spindle Servo Driver A06B-6059-H003. I'm showing AL-19 on the unit itself. No errors on the 0M-B control.

    Done so far:

    Tried to read stored parameters on unit so they could be recorded. No luck, as the error prevents the unit from going into that mode.
    Checked voltages on board via test points. +5V OK, +24V OK, -15V OK, +15V Not OK Reads 3.6V.
    Check for loose connections. None found.
    Disconnected UVW wire going to servo motor to isolate problem. Alarm remained.
    Checked input voltage. OK.
    Checked 200VAC input on main control board. OK
    Checked all fuses on board. OK
    Inspected board for any signs of burnt components. None found.

    All work done in a ESD safe environment.

    Removed and tested all electrolytic capacitors on mail control board. All tested OK.
    Replaced all capacitors on main control board with highest quality capacitors I could find.
    Inspected all solder joints under magnification to detect cracked or poor solder joints. None found.

    Reinstalled servo driver onto machine and tested. Same error. AL-19 From manual: AL-16 - 23 Defective arithmetic circuit and peripheral circuit.

    Checked output at the test points again with an oscilloscope. Same result with no detectable abnormalities in the signal.

    Checked cooling fan for proper operation and power. Fan is not operating. Ordering a replacement.

    Things I haven't done yet.

    Check any components on the lower board with the large caps and transistors.
    Check any of the non-electrolytic caps on the main control board.
    Check the diodes near the power supply section of the board.
    Check the transformer for correct output.
    Check the voltage regulators.

    I basically concentrated on the electrolytics as they are the usual culprits and I had read that a failing cap could result in output 10% to 20% of the nominal voltage That was what I was seeing on the +15V test point.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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