Hitachi HT20SII w/ Yasnac I80L control Lost parameters
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    Default Hitachi HT20SII w/ Yasnac I80L control Lost parameters


    I have recently gone through a lot of issues with my HT20SII and I fell the information I learned would be useful here. I apologize if this isn't the correct forum. I will start with the most recent. Lost machine parameters.

    I had completely lost the Multi Boy screen, It would only flash on and off. I needed to perform the following action.

    Multi I80L ACGC II Initialization:

    1.Record all machine side parameters.
    2.power off and change rotary switch on FC260 and FC200 to ="1" on cpu rack.
    3.power on
    4.development mode screen will display.
    5.Push "F2" (set-up)
    6.Push "F1" (Disk set-up)
    7.Check Rom disk start address (should be B0...if not use arrow keys to select B0)
    8.Check ram Disk I;1024k bytes
    9.Press F8 execute "Y" (YES) and input
    11.power off
    12.change rotary switch on FC260 and FC200 to ="0" on cpu rack.
    13.power on
    14.While multi boy screen is coming up press "CAN" and "Reset" alternately
    15.Select #4 (initial set), then "N" (NO) then Input
    16.Select Inch or MM and machine type, then Input
    17.Machine parameters will display
    18.Check all parameters with parameter sheet
    19.Press "next"
    20.Generation will begin
    21.When complete power off

    I did not have a list of the old parameters but this did the trick for me.

    It did not have the sequence files I needed for my bar feeder. I will post how I resolved this issue later.

    To anyone that finds this post necessary please remember when you solve a problem to return and post how you did it.

    Thank you,


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