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    Thanks, guys! I think I have everything I need to get going. I’ll determine which axis number my sub is (in my Hardinges it’s “Y” but I’ll have to figger out which number that is) so I can termporarily adjust the torque limit...right now they’re all like “7550.” Then I’ll close the sub and move with a G31 move the sub collet right in front of the part, so if there IS still a part in there it will produce a load high enough to “skip” to the next line before completing the execution of the G31 move. On the line after the G31 I’ll put the torque limit back to “7550” and then do a condition branching position check whereby it jumps to a section of the program that backs the sub up and throws a #3000 alarm message if the sub is not where I programmed it to go in the G31 line. . I’ll let you know how it goes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerdlinger View Post
    Oh my! worked! Now I have a couple questions bout the syntax if you don't mind!:

    1. What is "L50" in the G10 line?
    2. Maybe I'll close the sub and have it move up to the front of the part with the G31 line...there should be no interference IF there is no part in the sub. But what happens if there IS interference and the torque limit is exceeded? It "skips" the G31 line or...??? Or does it stop and alarm out with some sort of "torque limit exceeded" message but at least nothing got broken?

    Thank you, again, for your help! This is going to be huge!
    Just to add a few things...

    As gregormarwick said, G10 L50 is for parameter setting within the program. G10 is data setting. In addition to parameters, you can also set work coordinates, geometry offsets, wear offsets. The L50 part specifies that you are setting parameters.

    I did verify that paramter #2060 is torque limit on an 18T control. It has values for each axis. I'm guessing that for the sub on this machine, that would be the 3rd axis, so you program N2060 P3 R___ after the G10 line.

    Then, if you are doing this for the sub, you need to look at the correct system variable for sub position in your IF statement. Assuming again that this is the 3rd axis, I believe that variable would be #5043.

    You will have to experiment to find a torque value that works for you. If it's too low, it can trip the torque limit skip just moving the axis with no actual crash. I suggest starting with a low value just to be safe until you find a value where you don't get a false trip.

    Test all this out before throwing it into your program.

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