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    I've tried to come up with some sort of system. But with only 21 pockets, it doesn't really seem to matter. I just keep my facemill at 21 and then have the majority of all the high use tools in the first 10 or so, an assortment of 1/8-1/2, drill chucks, chamfer tool and whatever else that seems to get used on almost every job. The other stuff is just sprinkled in through the rest of the pockets and change out what's needed. I don't really use anything that odd, so setup is pretty straightforward. I usually just leave tools in the holders and then re-touch them off when I put them back in if I need the pocket for something else.

    My main focus has been getting quite a bit of holders so I can leave tools mounted, which takes more time than just touching them off.

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    Well, I dunno about logic, but I've come up with a system that works for me. My machine has 40 tool slots. However the Fanuc control can handle 64 tool numbers. Nobody but me ever used tool number 41+ before. So I put all tools I want to keep permanently mounted at tool number 41+, then if I have to load some old piece of shit code I know it won't ask me to change that tool number to something else.

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