Long thin 304 stainless parts help.
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    Default Long thin 304 stainless parts help.

    I have some parts that come through regularly cut in 304 cold rolled stainless. They finish at .236 thick by 23.622 long and in varying widths between 1.375 and 3.0. I have two problems that I fight with these parts; the first is that they want to warp badly after being cut, and the other is a tendency to eat up tools.

    My current method for dealing with the first problem is to skim a few thou off, flip repeat, flip repeat, until they are near the size I need. This will keep things mostly flat-ish until it comes time to put actual features in the parts at which they will try to twist like an unholy combination between a banana and a corkscrew.

    For the problem of tools burning up the worst offender is a 1/4 inch Walter Prototyp coated that is cutting a slot .063 deep. It is running at 18 IPM at 3390 RPM.

    I can get good enough parts, but it is a slog and I go through a lot of tools. What can I do to do this better and more efficiently?

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