Matsuura MC-450H-30-PC11
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    Default Matsuura MC-450H-30-PC11

    So I impulse bought an old school Matsuura (1991) at auction a week ago.

    The thing has 100 tools and 11 pallets.

    It's been years since I worked on the Yasnac MX3 control, but I have never worked on one with a multi pallet pool system.

    So.. I tore it down myself at auction, had the riggers transport and installed myself.

    We got all the parts back together and operational without any problems.

    Now.. the application....

    It has a pallet scheduler, where you schedule the pallets by an assigned program. Similar to the Haas schedulers... but we don't use those on our Haas.

    My question....

    Is there a program level strategy that one can use to change programs? On our Haas we can do an M50 P1(P2) to designate which pallet to change for programming purposes.

    As far as I can tell reading all the books that came with it.. I am not finding something like that with this old school pallet changer.

    The scheduler can find and change pallets... we should be able to do it with programming.

    If, I manually change a pallet with the over ride switches, the control will not update the pallet in the machine.. which leads me to believe it's controlled by the scheduler and similar to the random pocket tool change cycle.

    Anyone have any information were the pallet order is stored in these controls either by variable or parameter?

    If I can figure that out I should be able to program it by macros.

    Any info would be great!


    Mike in MN

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