Moog MHP S-24 Tooling
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    Default Moog MHP S-24 Tooling

    Hi all,

    I recently picked up a Moog MHP S-24, knowing full well of the stigma associated with these machines. (Forclosed shop deal, I had to take it to get a deal on the machine I wanted.) Anyway It looks like the mechanical side of it is in decent shape, and if it is, I am going to look at re-controlling it/getting running. Part of the decision to scrap/fix/sell includes tooling. Apparently this machine uses a "Modified No 30" tooling. From what I can see in the book, it looks like the tool holder has a cavity where the pull stud would thread in. The spindle has an expanding "collet" that goes in the cavity, expands, and holds the tool in.

    Any idea what this is actually called? where I can buy this stuff at? There are a few endmill holders on ebay right now, but not enough for my needs.

    I have done some searching and it always seems to end in "scrap it" Please save those comments for another thread. I am not asking value, usability, or anything. Just how to find tooling, so I can make my own decision on the fate of this machine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi bastarddsm:
    Is there ANY other machine tool builder who uses or has used this tooling system that you have been able to discover?
    If so, you may have a source there.

    If not your choices are simple.
    1) Modify, make or have made, the tooling you need.
    2) Abandon the machine.
    3) Re-spindle the machine to something readily available

    Your appetite for your orphan will determine your price tolerance.
    I expect it will not be cheap, but if you only need a dozen toolholders or so, you might well be pleasantly surprised at (or at least not too shocked by) the cost of having them made or modified for you.

    As a starting place, maybe talk to Frank Mari about your options.
    His company builds toolholders among other things and Frank has always been a pleasure to deal with for me and for many others on PM.


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