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    Quote Originally Posted by msinko View Post
    Let's have some fun...

    Welcome to "The Weight is Right!"

    The user to correctly guess the weight of this machine, without going over, wins some free (lightly used) tooling of your choice (taps, end mills, drills, etc...) that I will ship to you at no charge.

    Reply with your guesses.

    I'll figure out the weight in about 15 days. (building a custom load-cell scale)

    Good luck.
    3864.73 lbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by msinko View Post
    Hi Dave,

    This Moog seems to be more modern. Not sure if it's all original, some parts are definitely not like the fairly newer looking Toshiba VFD. The tag on the inside of the electrical cabinet says the machine was commissioned in 1991. It has DC servo motors with encoders on all axis. So far I could only verify that the x-axis has a lead screw. The Y and Z are buried inside the machine and may require some disassembly. I spoke to the operator of this machine and he kinda said the same. It works well but has quirks and needs TLC. He even mentioned the sticky tool changer arm.

    The machine has two serial ports for computer transfers or drip feeding. Or of course you could program it from the terminal but I don't think I'll be doing that much.

    Currently I have the machine sitting outside my garage. I still need to remove some parts in order to fit it through the door. Then I have to figure out how I'm going to resolve my lack of 3 phase power. Either get a converter or a generator or convert the machine to single phase.

    I have a bunch more pictures to upload but it seems any post with a picture takes close to 24 hours to show up in the thread. Is this normal?

    I will keep posting updates as things move along..

    No, it's not really normal for a pic to take 24 hours before it uploads, unless you have a really slow upload speed. I wish you luck on this machine. The machines are a really great idea, but not a good reputation. It would be fun to play with though.

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