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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelieking71 View Post
    Man, you sure don't put much priority on maximizing the available space.

    How far from the rear of the machine to the wall in opt.2? (I have done the storage behind a machine thing. It sucks)
    In opt to it's 50" or so, going by memory. I'm keeping all the feet on one slab, but by placing the mill on the same wall, across the room I can push it back to being 36" off the. There is no control join on that side of the shop


    This is the way I'm actually leaning. I would just have to move one disconnect box. I'm trying to have my cake and eat it to but it's not happening. This does allow to have my moveable bench in between the machines to setups/tear downs, etc.

    I would like, in a perfect word
    1) Unload the 4th through the side window vs the front. I'm bases this on the feed back I've gotten from people. loading 4th through the front should be ok just not AS easy as going in from the side.

    2) max. space

    3) Easy access to coolant tank.

    In this setup the right window is about 3 feet from the

    I do like the way below as I can load the 4th from the front or side. If I have long material can still to it. Getting material that is THAT long is a very low% at least that's what I'm hoping. In this case my bench would be to the left of the machine vs behind me (like in the picture above)

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