Nikken rotary troubleshooting on a Brother A00
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    Default Nikken rotary troubleshooting on a Brother A00

    My S2B came with a Nikken CNCZ105 and I just got it installed for the first time. For the first 5-10 minutes, everything worked great. I was able to zero return it and control it in manual mode as well as MDI and it appeared to position correctly. It then it started throwing alarms. The sequence went:

    5596 A-Axis Pos Shifted
    5596 A-Axis Pos Shifted
    5063.09 A Servo (Overload)
    Power Cycle
    5516 Deviation Error1 A

    The last error repeats every time I try to zero return or move the rotary. Sometimes it will move a tiny bit like its trying to move then stop and throw the alarm. When attempting to move it, I can hear it unclamp. If I pry on it with some leverage I can rotate it after its unclamped. Once clamped, I cannot move it so I assume it's clamping/unclamping correctly.

    I tried to get in contact with Nikken to get some manuals for troubleshooting but they must have been closed already and they never responded to my prior attempt by email. I'd like to take it apart to inspect the internals but would really prefer to do so with the help of the manual. Does anyone have the manual for this or a similar rotary they'd be willing to share? Advise is also welcome Thanks.

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