Shinri cnc lathe, any input? Any good?
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    Default Shinri cnc lathe, any input? Any good?

    Found a sale on a shinri Ls-30 1000mm CNc lathe. Near new for $20,000 usd

    Anyone have experience with these machines?
    The company is out of china. So it could be good or bad.

    Any input or insight would be appreciated, a 40" z would be a great addition to my shop at that price.


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    We had 4 of the GM-40's and they are just a re-branded mass produced Chinese machine. They are assembled in Foshan Guangdong at a place I dubbed "Machine tool city". I say that because this place makes IMTS look like a convenience store. 24 hours a day you can go and buy any machine you need along with any part you could ever need. That being, said there are rows of buildings each with a component or several components to build just about any machine you can imagine. The machine you are looking at probably sells there for $20k in China new, but Canada I'm sure it was more than doubled.

    I haven't ran any of their lathes but our place in Chengdu with the 4 mills run 5 days a week 2 shifts making Lamborghini fan shrouds and they have some real coding issues. That control is not a Fanuc, It's actually a bad knockoff. Ours absolutely will not take a G2 or G3. Everything is all linear so HSM is not even an option.

    Spindles are a big issue. Once again they are a cheap mass produced poor copy of someone else. At least 2 of ours drop out per year and its a trip to Foshan for a new one. Granted they are only about $1500 with core trade in.

    Last, Chinese DO NOT CARE about repeat business. If you buy that machine don't expect to have any support as we cant even get it in China where its made. In fact, there is no single machine tool builder for that machine. Only a group of business men that decided to have machines built, slap a made up name on it, and send it out the door.

    If you were in Southern China i would say maybe. But Canada? Don't give it a second thought. You will never find parts for a machine made with cheap parts, you will never have service or support. And if the control or drives go??? Well, that's not the machine to retrofit with a real Fanuc.

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