Tree vmc500 control problem
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    Default Tree vmc500 control problem

    I have a tree vmc 500 I purchased a little over a year ago. It has the pc2100(A2100)control on it but when I power it up I get a operating system not found error. I have the old mai software floppy and also old backup floppies for it but none of them will load up. Is there anything Iím doing wrong or could it be something else since it did sit for a while. From what Iíve read it could be the batteries died which is why it lost the software or even the power supply but I donít really know a bunch about this control so any help would be awesome.

    After looking over it some more Iím like 90% sure itís the hard drive. Does anyone here have any experience switching over to a flash drive from the hdd that typically fail on these controls. I believe I can get a new hard drive for around 400$ the company I work for had to do this on an almost identical machine a year or 2 ago and thatís what they told me they paid for the parts. I would just like something more reliable in it since this machine will be powered up and down daily and I donít know if that what causes the hard drive problems but I figured it doesnít help it.
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