Troubleshooting Baldor Spindle Drive for Fadal
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    Default Troubleshooting Baldor Spindle Drive for Fadal

    Pleading for help from the empire of dirt here,
    I've got a 1997 Fadal VMC 6030 with a Baldor V2 spindle drive and It's been nothing but trouble.
    I've been intermittently having spindle fault line error code thrown at the strangest times.
    Usually the machine only errors out in the middle of a large program(I love it when that happens)and very occasionally if the spindle is low RPM and not cutting anything. After resetting the machine the problem goes away for a while but inevitably returns. The drive has very low hours and has never been abused (it was replaced when I purchased the machine). Any ideas on where to start with fixing this issue? The machine works great for small parts when the machine has time to cool down, but the drive never seems to get too hot and the fans all work in the back cabinet.
    Any tips appreciated, I'm new to machining and I need to make my investment back desperately. Thank you!!

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    Spindle Fault Line.. When the spindle drive is happy, its sends 12v to the machine control.. Its essentially
    the spindle drive saying "Yeah Man, we cool back here"...

    When the spindle drive is not happy, it doesn't send the 12V... And the machine says "Ruh-Roh, somethings wrong"
    and you get the "spindle fault line"...

    So.. You have a spindle drive problem..

    Does it get pissy on accelerations or decelerations? If you just let her run at 3000 rpms constantly, is she
    fine??? Does she only get mad when she's pulling some HP??

    So, you are new at this game (and it is a game)... New Machine, no experience... What is your incoming power,
    what is your transformer tapped at... And most importantly, what is your voltage leg to leg???? going into the drive.

    They get REALLY REALLY pissed off when you feed them more than 240v, and will eventually die... And guess how I know
    this??? I didn't check.. 240 coming in, tapped for 240.. 252 to the drive(S).. That cost me 2 spindle drives..
    I have "240V" coming in, and I was tapped for 240v.. Never even checked... I was getting 252 to the drives... Tap
    for 250, and I get 236...

    Is the drive showing you an error?? It has to be saying something...

    Call tech support... ITSCNC, free support and they pretty much deal with the electronic side..
    FadalCNC, CNCpros, SequoiaCNC or whatever they are calling themselves this week is another you
    can try.. Its free... Some techs are better than others...

    MAYBE, MAYBE.. I'm NOT sure.. I'm assuming a '97 would be pretty standard with rigid tapping, so
    you should be running closed loop.. You might have a buggered spindle encoder.. Or more likely
    a bad connection.. There is a 6 pin molex hanging out of the top of the spindle motor, and it can
    get kind of skanky... I'm not sure what error that would throw, but it should piss off the spindle drive,
    which would give you a Fault Line error.

    As ALWAYS with a Fadal.. Check your power supply voltages!!!!, and it never hurts to pull and re-seat your boards,
    and the connections going to the boards. Also make sure all your connections coming in and to the drive are tight,
    and that your jumpers on the transformer are actually seated well, not just half a wire barely pushed in.

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    I'm getting the #9 spindle fault alarm at the control. Spindle won't start. No alarms on the vector. I was just running this machine yesterday with no issues. I've checked all fuses. Turn the spindle by hand and it feeds a RPM on the vector display. Any Ideas????????????????

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