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    Quote Originally Posted by bisctboy View Post
    I have searched the internet for vise jaws that will fit my need and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I am looking to securely hold a piece of stainless steel round bar so I can mill slots into it on its sides similar to what a cross-hole jig would do. I have attached a picture of what I need on a design that I did on Fusion 360 to better show what I looking for. I am brand new to CNC milling so excuse the green behind my ears...

    First, is there anything already out there that is similar to what I have in the picture? I can't use v blocks because they would cover too much of the circumference of the round bar.

    Second, is milling the jaws out of aluminum a bad idea since the part I am milling is stainless steel?

    Lastly, how would I mill out the round bar profile to match the 1" diameter and does my design look like it would provide enough clamping pressure to securely hold the round bar while milling it? I couldn't find a ball end mill that is 1" diameter.

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    I would machine them in the horizontal position, either with a 1" ball mill, or 3D paths to get the radius exactly to size, and location.
    After that, you have a nice set of round bard holding jaws.

    I might recommend making them horizontal Vee jaws, as you can run multiple sizes of round bar.


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