Vise Pallets vs pallets in softjaws
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    Default Vise Pallets vs pallets in softjaws

    Ive seen these pallet system for vise's. Whats there advantage?
    reason I ask is they are pretty popular and maybe I am missing out on different ways of machining.

    I have vices in my machines pretty much all the time unless I need to put the rotary on., I always run soft jaws 8" wide in a 6inch kurt vise's.
    the vices are set so the jaws are 1" apart from vice 1 and vise 2.

    I get a job in that requires a pallet/fixtures that ive made in the past whether it be a vacuum fixture or a mittee bite ones or some other clamping system. I open vise jaws pop it in and were ready to go. Usually my jaws are cut and I don't have to cut them again to hold the fixtures or pallets and I have a dead stop on them for location if I am repeating parts.

    I always have stock in the shop for the fixtures/pallets.

    is there something I am over looking. or just a different way of doing the same thing.?


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