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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Finsta View Post
    Links to one of these opportunities? Errrmmmmmm... asking for a friend.
    The friend that told me about this is long since dead. The example he showed me was an exhaust manifold "gasket" for a military radial engine. He had run it for years and had an optimized process. Part of the procurement process is bidders get to see what it cost last time.
    When he lost the contract the winning bid was $5.00 each below cost on 10,000s of thousands of units. No way the winner could have run it successfully. He protested but the military was happy, they came in under budget and got to spend the excess else where. The Small Business Administration lost big time because of the bankruptcy and lost government loans. Net cost to the government was actually higher because of the foreclosures.
    The gasket in question was turned from 5 or 6 inch stainless bar stock purchased in mill runs, the triangular shape of the flange was done in one hit on a punch press.
    Your errrmmmmm.. friend would really have to be a bad person to pull this off, doubt if a regular person could look himself in the mirror in the morning. Probably would have no time to look in the mirror anyway as he is looking over his shoulder so much.


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