Aciera F4 sn 25588 update
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    Default Aciera F4 sn 25588 update

    Over the past couple of months I have been picking away at the basket case mill I acquired.
    I have assessed the damage caused by the previous lack of TLC it has recieved, and despite that it is in remarkably good condition.

    The biggest repair will be the replacement of the crossfeed screw and nut. The original is 24mm x 5 tpi rh acme, or maybe trapazoidal.
    This is un-obtainium!
    I have obtained a piece of 7/8x5 rh acme and will graft it into the existing shaft. The new nut will need some minor mods to fit the mounting, but that is fairly simple.

    I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning and measuring the cross slide ways.
    These are the only ones that have seen much damage. (thankfully) there is at most .0015 wear on each slideway, with the scoring from improper lubrication covering about 20% of the area. Some of it is deep (.010") some not very (<.005").
    It looks to me that if I scrape the slide, ignoring the scoring, I will end up with some nice "oil pockets"

    The best news today was that I powered up the electrical system and except for the coolant pump which is not installed, the system works, and none of the gearboxes makes any funny noises!


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    Congratulations! Pictures, please. Regarding the screw, did you try Luthy or Greub in Switzerland? In any event, your proposed fix seems reasonable.

    I am curious to know how much table "droop" you are seeing. My F4 is S/N 45087 and has no discernible table droop. If anything, it's high in the front by a few tenths. My F5, S/N 32919, which seems to have an identical chassis from the Z dovetail forward, droops. I think I might be able to reduce it by some more gib adjustment, but have not tried yet.

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