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    All the "Deckel" 4th axis accessories will work on your machine except the late Dialog11 compatible units. Those are fitted with AC servos i believe.
    There are three cards needed to run a powered 4th axis.

    You will need the correct Bosch servo amplifier and regulator boards (one ea) and a correct NZP (NZP 59) servo axis card to make this all work.
    The wiring is all there, for the most part its just plug and play save setting the "Tach" and "Drift" on the regulator board.

    There are two versions of servo amplifier and regulator boards.....these are: 038030 (regulator) and 038028 (amplifier)
    and 047016 (regulator) 047018 (amplifier)
    Either pair will work for any axis, but they must not be mixed on that specific axis...

    The DIP switches on the NZP board must be set correctly for the specific 4th axis device you are using.
    Switch table is found in the orange book....

    If removing the "X" axis slide, there are a few cautions:
    Remove the angle table from the face of the "X" slide.
    Remove the chip enclosure or chip pan.

    If you are going to remove the "X" slide but leave the vertical slide in place (Z) then you need to carefully remove the
    "X" axis scale (Heidenhain spar)
    remove the axis bellows on both sides.
    If you don't have power to the machine, then you have to remove the "X" axis servo motor and its drive belt to allow moving the slide. (i would do this even if i had the power to the machine)
    Move table so that both ends are exposed (favoring the X minus direction)
    Remove the operators side panel. disconnect the scale cable (plug) and unwind the cable leading back to the "X" axis....Remove the small side covers etc to get the cable free all the way to the inside of the X
    slide. Remove the small "P" clamp that secures the cable to the machine.
    Move the read head for the scale out of its nest in the vertical slide. There is a hidden retaining bolt that holds the read head in place. On the back face of the "Z" axis flat keeper plate gibs there should be a rubber plug.
    It sits just above the second gib retaining Allen bolt to the outside edge.
    Remove this plug and use a 5mm Allen key to remove the bolt.(1)
    You can then slide the read head along the scale by lightly pulling on the cable..If it is reluctant to come out use the movement of the slide to assist.
    Once the read head is free you can remove the retaining Allen bolts (2) at the ends of the scale.

    Remove the end casting from the slide (operators side) 4 Allen bolts plus the hand wheel drive gear from the inside....Allen in the center of a large retaining washer then the gear from the end of the hand wheel shaft...
    Once the end casting is removed , you can then remove the scale by sliding it out the hole in the casting and angling it out from between the ways and ball screw, may require moving the slide.

    Be careful here to not crash the read head into the end of the scale while maneuvering to get the scale clear.
    Once the scale is out the only other thing to deal with is the ball screw and the thrust bearings.

    Remove the cover plate for the way wipers on the "Z" axis to gain access to the full keeper plate at the top rear of the "X" slide...this will be in two sections

    The ball screw will only come out on the non operators side. The nut is flanged retained via Allen bolts and will not pass through the vertical casting.
    Remove the drive pulley and thrust bearings (both ends) to remove the end cover.Then remove the large casting at the end of the slide. Note the angle piece of sheet metal retained by the large casting....Long wire there that traverses the "X" slide to connect to the "X" axis hand wheel interlock switch. Disconnect the wires at the switch and pull it through.

    Suggest you remove the limit switch cam plate (black steel bar on the bottom of the X slide) to eliminate the chance of damage to the limit switches.
    Support the slide via crane of lift table, take its weight .
    Pull the "X" axis tapered gib back ...Note shim position and number ..this is important...

    Move the slide off the gibs towards the non operators side of the machine...Be careful to not wedge the ways when moving the slide off the machine....
    Take lots of photos of all the parts and how they are prior to disassembly....
    I am sure i have forgotten some stuff here....and skipped over some as well....Be careful, don't force anything.....
    Good luck

    Cheers Ross

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