How do you change Fanuc Fixed Timer setting for change of use.
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    Default How do you change Fanuc Fixed Timer setting for change of use.

    Late 90's Mori Seiki SV-50 Fanuc MSC518 (18MC)

    ***Never mind. I just found my answer in a ladder programming manual I happen to have downloaded. A Fixed Timer like I'm trying to change here is written into ROM along with the sequence program. It cannot be changed unless the whole ROM is exchanged. Bummer. Don't think I'm up for that unless someone shows me how easy or hard it might be.***

    I've added a thru spindle coolant unit and de-mister to this machine. The machine was pre-wired for a high pressure coolant system with integral tank. Mine uses the machine tank with a transfer pump. So I'm using what is pre-wired as the coolant tank float switch (X1012.4) to control the on/off of the de-mister through the now re-assigned coolant tank contactor. This has been a little bit of fun because it's an open signal that turns on the de-mister, instead of what would be simpler, a closing switch. Never knew it was so hard to find true off delay relays. Anyway there's more to this, but I'll get on with my problem.

    This circuit has a Fixed Timer attached to it that is set at 10 seconds. Meaning after the de-mister is told to start, it waits 10 seconds before it actually starts. I imagine this was meant as ballast on the tank float switch to mitigate erroneous cycling of the pump. So be it. But I want the delay gone. At least most of it.

    I can't seem to get to the timer. I see it in the ladder as Timer 53 with address R189.2 set for 10000 msec. What I'm wondering is if I have to use the built in PMC Programmer. (See picture)

    This scares me a little as I've never touched it, but if someone can tell me what to expect, how to get directly to where I'm going, make the change, then get the hell out, I'd be grateful.

    Thank you.fanuc-18mc-pmc-display.jpg

    PS. While I'm at it, what does that Gray Scale Display option do for a guy?

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