Mori SL-150 with MSC-518 (Fanuc 18i), how to change Z offset direction?
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    Default Mori SL-150 with MSC-518 (Fanuc 18i), how to change Z offset direction?

    If I touch off the end of my part and set that to G54 Z0, then I add +1.0 to my G54 Z offset, the tool would move 1.0 inches further away from the chuck.

    But if I add +1.0 to my global offset (not sure what it's called... the offset that affects all work coordinate offsets), then it will move the tool 1.0 inches CLOSER to the chuck!

    This confuses operators and it's different than other lathes in the shop.

    Is there a way to change it so that putting +1.0 in the global offset shift will move the tool 1 inch further away from the chuck, just like it does if I add 1.0 inches to my G54 Z value?

    side note: when this lathe was purchased, it was set up for Z positive being towards the chuck and X positive being away from the chuck. The service tech explained older Mori's came this way and some customers wanted newer machines this way also to maintain compatibility. He changed everything back over but claimed this is how the global offset works. I confirmed with a friend who owns an SL-150 that his works the same way, even though his was never set up for Z+ towards the chuck. His lathe moves TOWARDS the chuck when +1.0 is entered in the global offset, but AWAY from the chuck when +1.0 is entered in the G54 Z field.

    I'm hoping there is a parameter that changes this? It's led to more problems (crashes) from operators than anything else!

    Any solutions? Thanks!

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