Need Help!Tool loading /unloading jammed in Siniumerik 840d controller.
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    Default Need Help!Tool loading /unloading jammed in Siniumerik 840d controller.

    Hi All

    I have a problem with a DMG 1032v ecoline machining center with a Siemens 840D controller. It froze during a load tool cycle when i mistakenly pressed the reset key and now I can't load or unload tools in or out of the magazine. In the magazine location on the offset table there is the LL symbol on that particular tool. This symbol normally shows up with the tool permanently. I am pretty sure this has something to do with the problem. The strange thing is I can still use all the tools in the magazine as normal and can load tool in the spindle manually from the virtual magazine, I just can't load or unload from the magazine it self. I was wondering if there is a hidden parameter somewhere that needs to be reset and if anyone knows it. Any help appreciated.

    Note:The snapshot i have attached is not real snap ,it is only for illustration

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    On my DMC 103 V with 840d control (which is a precursor to your machine), There is a recovery procedure for tool load failure that works but it’s a little bit murky. What you need to do depends on where in the cycle the tool load fails. My problem was due to a worn out bumper on the tool umbrella. This caused the tool umbrella to bounce off the limit switches, locking the tool change.

    On my machine if it stops in the middle of a tool change you can’t clear the tool that’s indicated as being in the spindle unless you reset the tool changer and then do a tool change to clear the tool. On my machine, after resetting the tool umbrella to the zero position In the machine page, in MDI you command T0M6, with no tool in the spindle or in the pocket for that tool. The tool then unloads from the control logic.
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