Four-axis post for Accutex wire EDM in Esprit
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    Default Four-axis post for Accutex wire EDM in Esprit

    Does anybody have a four-axis post for the Accutex wire EDM? I'm a student at a local community college, and my teacher has been trying to find one we can use to program parts in Esprit. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody has a post they could send us!


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    Hi thechoochlyman:
    Can you find out which VAR sold the Esprit package to the college?
    If you can find that information, you can pester them directly for a post.

    Otherwise you'll have to try to use each of the generic posts that should come with the software, to program a simple part, until you find one that gives you the proper motion code for your machine and then modify the post processor until you get exactly what you need.
    Accutex will probably run some variant of generic Fanuc; having said that, it's not all that popular a machine in the USA yet, so I doubt you'll find an off the shelf solution that's perfect, but wire EDM code is not all that complicated, so the basic motion code for Fanuc controllers will probably work.
    The differentiation among Taiwanese machines seems to be mostly in how you call auxiliary functions: turning on the flushing, describing the power settings, invoking UV motions for taper cutting, calling subroutines etc etc.
    I say this from the admittedly limited experience I have, but I do run a CHMER wire which seems to be very similar to the Accutex, and it runs Fanuc based code. (A generic Fanuc post from Masterscam will create proper motion in my machine if I edit out some of the auxiliary functions in the posted file. So will a Brother post and a Sodick A350 post. A Swiss post ie Agie or Charmilles is unuseable).
    It's a place to start at least.

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