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    Default Machine Value

    Good Morning to all... I was wondering if anyone could give me a ball park value of a Wire machine. The machine is a Sodick SL600G. Options include jumbo spooler, wire chopper and 60 amp high speed generator. It was bought new in June 2015 and has 3500 hours. I haven't had any luck researching the value so I am hoping someone here can help me out. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Shane:
    Are you hoping to buy it, sell it or appraise it for accounting purposes?

    In each instance, the "value" of it will be totally different, so this is the first question you must answer in order to come to a reasonable number.

    Another way you can try to come to a number is to ask a machinery dealer what he would give you for it and add some arbitrary factor to that number in the conviction that all machinery dealers are thieves and want to screw you over.
    The factor you pick depends on how much you hate machinery dealers.

    Another way...the true "capitalist price discovery way" is to put it up on Ebay with a starting bid of $1.00 like Reliable Tools used to do and see where it goes.

    A last way (at least the last I can think of) is to use an arbitrary formula based on one or another of various kinds of bullshit, for example:
    "A machine loses 50% of it's value when it leaves the showroom floor"
    "A machine is only worth what someone will pay you for it"
    "My machine is part of a synergistic whole so it's worth a lot"
    "I paid a lotta money for that machine, so it's worth a lot"

    You can add more of these as the mood moves you.

    Bottom line is it's an almost impossible question to answer intelligently without a whole lot more information about what's motivating you to ask, and about the details of the machine.
    Examples of the details are:
    "Is it a high end , middle of the road, or cheapass machine"
    "Is it in great cosmetic condition, lightly used, or beat to ratshit"
    "Is it located in a place where lot's of this kind of industry happens or is it in the Ass End of Nowhere"
    "Do you need to move it NOW or do you have some time"
    "Does it come with toys or is it stripped"


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    Well stated Marcus!

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