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    Quote Originally Posted by msimard View Post
    That was interesting how the thin sections were destroyed by O2 but not air.
    How was the backside dross (burr) between the two?
    I'm going to try that on my 6k fiber laser. I normally cut steel 1/8"-1/4" thick using nitrogen to avoid welding/painting/flaking issues with O2. Thick steel like 1/2"gets tricky with N2, I'll try air and see what happens. One advantage of N2 is the pressure available, I use 16-24 bar N2 which is about twice my available compressed air.
    Air had less dross on the back, the O2 is acceptable on more mundane shapes this part was drawn with the goal of demonstrating how air can be better. Thicker High carbon steel needs a little more pressure than our setup can do or perhaps a more powerful laser.

    I found a device called a booster regulator, most of the ones I have found double the pressure for half the volume.. so if you input 17 scfm at 150 psi you get 8.5 scfm at 300 psi.. I found a few that seem to be rated for pressures that high. This may be a option for shops with existing compressors..

    The machine importer I got my lasers from sells a packaged compressor for their larger laser that makes 16 bar. I saw one of them last week on a 10 kw laser I got to see and for a roughly 30 HP compressor it was fairly quiet. It was called a rotor compressor I have been meaning to look it up more since it seemed to be nearly perfect for larger machines and I don't want people going off just my setup if there is something better out there.

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