Miller Synchrowave high frequency not working
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    Default Miller Synchrowave high frequency not working

    We have an older Synchrowave 350LX that's giving us issues. The welder is on a machine designed to weld stator cores so it's essentially a TIG torch on a set of guides. The torch only traverses on one axis so it relies on the HF to initiate an arc against the work-piece.

    When I went out there to troubleshoot, I noticed the HF arc on the contacts would start but drop out a second later. This was in HF Cont. I tried HF Start and same thing. I scratch started the torches so it led me to think something was wrong the HF circuit. I checked the gap and condition of the HF contacts. Gap was right around 0.010 and the contacts were corroded so I grazed them with some 1000 sandpaper. Nothing changed so I ordered a new set of contacts. We pulled the machine and replaced it so we could continue production but I'm determined to fix this old one.

    I got a new set of contacts, a new torch, and ground (so I can test on the side). I stole a pedal from our 250 in the maintenance room. I replaced the contacts and the HF arc stays on but there still isn't any arc between the work-piece. We can only arc when we touch-off. I adjusted the gap from 0.008 to 0.012 with no difference.

    We tried different HF settingsa and moved the DCEN/AC/DCEP lever just in case it was frozen (the production machine never changes settings) but no luck.

    Wondering what else I can try?

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