Can you ID this lathe chuck? Burnerd?
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    Default Can you ID this lathe chuck? Burnerd?

    I just went to pick up a Dake 1-1/2B arbor press and on the way out somehow ended up with 700lbs of assorted bits and bobs. One of them is this 12" 3-jaw chuck. I thought maybe we would make an adapter plate to spin it on our 16" but it's just too big to really make sense on our JFMT so I'll probably sell it or trade for something (ideally a 10").

    But I'm having trouble getting an ID on it. There is a small stamped plate that's dinged up to where I can't make out the second half of the numbers but it begins "1272-" and below that is "C60626" stamped directly into the chuck face. Based on the 1272 and the style of the number plate I think it's probably a Burnerd but beyond that I've had no luck googling combinations of part #'s and C60626 brings up nothing. So far it seems to be in reasonably good shape and of decent construction but other than the numbering on the jaws I can't find any other markings. Any guesses?





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