lathe chuck adaptor, L2 spindle to A1 chuck?.... or replacement chuck with L-2 mount.
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    Default lathe chuck adaptor, L2 spindle to A1 chuck?.... or replacement chuck with L-2 mount.

    I have a 10" bison "precision" 3 jaw chuck with the A-1 mount, and my lathe has an L-2 spindle..
    the lathe is equipped with a 16" 4-jaw but i want a 3 jaw for quick work. a 3 jaw chuck 10 inches or bigger will work great but the one I have has the wrong mounting on it... (I have it listed on ebay for @250 plus actual shipping, which seems a very reasonable price that I would be glad to pay for this quality, but have only had response from the low ballers)...

    so, im looking for a resolution... either trade or sell the bison I have and purchase a new one, or get an adaptor plate for it.. a direct A1 chuck side to an L2 spindle mount (female side)?

    one adaptor would work fine, but I DONT want to put an adaptor on to an adaptor to make it work, so what other options are there that are affordable?

    ebay has a couple different chucks available that would work great, but at $600 plus $100 shipping its a little steep unless i can sell the one I have....

    I dont need a top quality chuck, but one that is reasonably accurate, as I only use it a few times per month so the service duty is very low....

    im currently using the 10" bison chucked up in the 16" 4 jaw, but even as hokey as it is (with its inaccuracy), the real problem is every time I need to use the 4 jaw for a project, the set up time to switch back to the 3 jaw is too time consuming....

    if someone has an idea of the best way to accomplish this task, or needs a good 10" bison chuck with an A2 mount, I would like to hear from you.. thanks

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