Link to a trepanning channel detailing tools and techniques
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    Default Link to a trepanning channel detailing tools and techniques

    This link takes you to a YouTube channel devoted to one man's approach to trepanning large centered holes in barstock on a big lathe.


    The presenter in his several YouTube videos speaks with an English accent (Yorkshire, maybe) that some may find difficult to follow but persist and you'll soon learn to decipher it. His delivery is laconic but the video is clear.

    If you've never seen deep trepanning before and want to understand the tools and processes, machine settings, precautions, problem analysis, etc you'll find it scattered among these videos but you'll have to hunt for it. It is not a tutorial.

    These techniques may be scaled up or down and thanks to the huge variety of carbide inserts now in the market the tooling problem is greatly simplified. The inserted tools may have to be shop made or modified from off the shelf. The tube may be DOM tubing, structural pipe, or a long sleeve you bore yourself. Either way, there are some challenges even an expreienced machinist will have to meet before he makes a long stroke cylinder for his hydraulic press or bores out his own cannon.

    A couple things I didn't see covered is the feed thrust required for trepanning (high) and the coolant pump delivery (high flow and high pressure to flush out chips.)

    Note the number of steady rests used and how the obtuse cutting edges of trigon inserts are used to make half-kerf wide chips.

    For most, this series may be interesting and informative. For a few facing a machining problem involving long large diameter holes, this seriies may well be a gold mine.

    Bon appitit

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    Also on his page is a video of a young girl that he apparently went to Thailand to fornicate with. Must be a classy guy.
    It has way more views than any of his other videos.
    Good machining videos though.

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