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    Miss typed, it's a 15 stage pump, and a 5000 gallon tank. If I recall this 10 HP motor and 6" pump is rated for depths of 1000 feet or so. This pumps cycle time is about 2 hours long when it cycles.

    The well supplies the holding tank, from the holding tank it gravity feeds to pumps, these booster pumps fill the pressure tanks to like 35-40 psi.

    A smaller pump was used years ago, all I was told is the electric was higher and the pump ran all day, maybe even night.
    The best life we've gotten is this pump at 10 years.

    Do you know how much end play these pumps come with new? I can't find any specs. We're going to rip this pump apart for the hell of it even if we can't find parts and see how it looks and what went wrong. There is a decent amount of end play on this pump, just guessing by touch I'd say 1/16"-3/32" slop.

    Normally we pull the well pump/motor and just buy new, but we would like to try something new this time. These things aren't cheap either, + all the labor, maybe insane to want to put any more sweat into it. I kinda live the just do it.

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    I do not know what the pump shaft end play should be. When the pump is in operation the shaft is pushed against the lower thrust bearing. During startup, the upper thrust bearing, if there is one, serves as a bumper. The amount of play will be a measure of the wear on the thrust bearing. However, unless you disassemble the pump, you will not know which thrust bearing has the wear.

    The maximum efficiency for the 6 inch 50 GPM pump is 62% (page 58 of the catalog). The 4 inch 45 GPM pump has a maximum efficiency of 60% (page 50 of the catalog)
    The efficiency of the smaller GPM pumps is not shown. It will be less.

    Your 5000 gallon storage tank and 50 GPM pump will provide the best efficiency. If your power company is using a time of use rate schedule there will be a strong incentive to complete the pump cycle during the night when the rates are lower.
    The lower efficiency of a smaller pump might be compensated by the lower draw down of the water level and the lower cost of the pump.

    The alternative to the Franklin pump is a Grundfos.pump.Some of the Grundfos pumps have a bearing assembly for each impeller . The impeller-bearing assemblies slide on the splined pump shaft. The design may be more resistant to wear. It will be worthwhile to talk to the neighbors about which pumps have the longest service life.

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