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    It indeed advises you in the Delta Rockwell saw manual (need to check our DoAll 16-2 manual) to loosen tension when the saw is not in use, but I always considered that to mean when the machine is out of commission and going to sit for a month or longer, not something you do at the end of the day before you go home. We've never done it on our saws while they were plugged in and have never had issues. If you had a saw that was going to sit for ??? long, then I'd think it would be a good idea to get the pressure off of the rubber.

    Ours get used very irregularly from several times a day, to once a week, and we tend to change out blades due to wear or just switching width/pitch based on job at the same rate. We use both our vertical saws for variety of work from steel, aluminum, wood, paper, plastic, tool steels, mystery metal, etc.

    I wonder too if the blades (at least cheap ones) could relax into an oval rather than a circle if sat long enough? That could give some wobble when it did start turning it again.

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