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    Quote Originally Posted by Laverda View Post
    As for using lye, yes a good choice for paint removal but it will also attack many materials. Aluminum it will eat away fast and keep it away from wood.
    Hah..... The Peel-away No1 (lye in a gelling material) is made for use on wood. I've used it on wood quite a bit, and it does a great job. The methylene chloride crap was horrible on wood. Not that it did damage, but it just made the paint into a sticky goo that was really hard to deal with. And it did not take all the paint off.

    When wood stuff is hot-tanked, it is lye in the tank.

    Oak will end up being discolored like fumed oak, but the wood is OK. I have used the No 1 on other woods, woodwork and doors, etc which were then stained and look very good.

    Oh, yeah, that aluminum thing.... the amount of lye to take off paint is not enough to eat any substantial piece of metal.... I tried it. You do not hot tank aluminum, but cleaning and minor paint removal where you do not have to soak it are fine,. Might etch the surface a little bit, but... Get the lye gel on the paint, not the bare metal, where it just fizzes up and is wasted.

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