OT: solution for bathroom mold removal including under clear caulking
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    Default OT: solution for bathroom mold removal including under clear caulking

    On a whim I tried some sodium hypochlorite 10% sold at ACE & Walmart as HTH brand liquid chlorine for swimming pools. Dried off shower enclosure, sprayed only a fine mist on affected areas with a spray bottle and allowed to dry- NO SCRUBBING OR WIPING. Eliminated brown and black mold spots from all crevices and corners and every surface including latex painted area above the shower, and even UNDER clear silicone caulking. There was no damage to aluminum, glass or the paint, but flash chromed plastic shower knob bezel got some of what looked like iron oxide speckles that required scrubbing so I would avoid contact with any chrome, and run the bathroom fan and or open the window with bathroom door closed as it is heavy duty chlorine smell, so do it before you leave for the day & do not breath the fumes (I used the hold my breath, spray, exit the room and close the door method). I was getting ready to remove & redo the entire shower door setup because of the mold behind the caulk, this saved me- and it was with one application for the most part, I followed up 2x more later in spots I had missed, I probably used less than 4 ounces in total. Its been over a month and the mold has not (yet) returned. Very impressive if it hasn't taken anything off of my lifespan! Repeated scrubbing and treatment with many other household cleaners did not do the job, and neither did dissolved calcium hypochlorite (granulated pool chlorine)


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    I will give that a try, thanks. I also have a couple of handy advice tips. My Son's Father in law is a retired appliance repairman and I said to him one day I needed him to come over and repair my dishwasher because the wash cycle took 4 hours. He said buy some lemon flavored Kool-Aid and pour it in and run a wash cycle with no dishes.

    I thought he was pulling my leg, but did it and heck after that my dishes washer was fixed. He said the acid in the kool aid cleaned the wash cycle sensor. Another tip is when my drains get plugged up I pour in granule dish washer soap into the drain and get super hot water from another sink and pour about 1 cup of the soap and then about 1/2 gallon of hot water and let it set and come back about 1 hour later and it rinses clean.
    I also have had luck with a plastic strip with hooks on it the you slide down the drain and when you pull it back it brings out the hair. Do that before the dish washer soap treatment. :-) Rich

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