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    Quote Originally Posted by pmack View Post
    I booked the new Marriot Marquis right at Mccormick Place, but I will definitely venture out at night to eat and drink good. The recent rash of shootings in Chicago has me a little on edge, but you can't live life wrapped in bubble wrap in a foam rubber room.
    -I quite agree with your opinion and didn't want to sound like the voice of doom in describing Chicago it's just that I didn't want a member of the board to become a statistic from the naivete of "Nothing happened to me last year". The shooting stats are very real and an indicator of violence in the neighborhoods but odds are you will not be involved in them. Shootings are the street gangs (large and small) and the very lucrative drug trade as they compete for "franchise territory" or retribution for past deeds. Marksmanship is usually very poor, adopting a spray-n-pray in a drive-by, but that also increases the chances for collateral damage of bystanders. Should an incident occur you should just hit the deck, engagements only last for up to 90 seconds or so. Your bigger concern should be the 2 or 3 individuals that have been tailing you or the 1 behind/1 approaching you ruse. Either cross the street or enter an establishment (and out the back door because they'll wait for you). Chances are nothing will happen other than you gaining a few pounds and your wallet will be a little lighter but being aware of your surroundings is better than a false sense of security. I've more to say if you wish to contact me in a PM. Enjoy your visit, have an Italian beef/sausage, Greek dolmades/souvlaki/spanakopita/gyros, and some pizza away from the show.

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