Part Machining Preference for Production
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    Default Part Machining Preference for Production

    Hello All!

    This is my inaugural post on this forum. I've used this forum's knowledge previously to help me better understand machining and part design. I have started getting into CNC machining education due to my continuing need for improvement as an engineer doing product design. I'm at an extremely small company that manufactures automotive performance parts, but I have plans to use CNC in my own life and next business venture.

    The company I'm at now pays our vendor to manufacture parts in smaller batches (50-150 parts and have been with one shop since the beginning. We've recently started using Protolabs to offload prototyping responsibilities from our shop since they have been getting busier. I've tried to suggest machine shops that might have more capability but it's a hysterical battle. My boss is a control freak and he clings to advice from outdated levels of knowledge if that makes sense. I believe some of this advice is erroneous from time to time when watching Titans of CNC's stuff so that's why I am here.

    I will not rope y'all into the drama of managerial decisions, but I just need more professional opinions since I cannot do that here at work since we don't have machinists.

    Check out these designs and guess which one you think would be more practical to make for a run of 50.

    Our current shop doesn't have live tooling for turning, so this would be a two machine part from my growing knowledge in CNC machining. Which would y'all rather make?

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