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    Quote Originally Posted by Machinistsss View Post
    I agree, but it still doesn't hurt to ask. I will most likely be my own production facility down the road, but I would have to grow into that. We never finance more then one large purchase at a time. Obviously I want full control over what I produce, I have years of intellectual property into the products. A company can't "reap the profits" unless they have A. work and B. something people want to buy.

    With everything going on today I would think there would be interest in working.
    you are absolutely correct it does not hurt to ask, and I know for sure there are people out there that want the work. The problem is as stated finding a shop that large that will do all of it for you now, that is not dedicated to their own line. I mean Boeing does not even do all of their own work, and a company of that magnitude(they are 1% of the GDP) would be one of the few that have the financials to do it.

    I understand the intellectual property and that is what an NDA is for, it covers you and the company you are working with.

    I certainly do wish you good luck in finding someone to do all of this. If I come across anyone I will send them your way, but if in the meantime you wish to go with a few smaller companies and get product to market vs looking for a unicorn supplier, then please see my PM to you .

    Have a great day


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    Not sure if this helps at all. The shop I run does machining, grinding and plating in house. We sub out heat treat but do it routinely and finish parts after. We are in Cincinnati. Let me know if you need more information.

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