SIP MP-#3 Draw Bar Removeal
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    Default SIP MP-#3 Draw Bar Removeal

    Howdy Folks,

    After owning my MP-3 for a couple of years now, I am starting to use it. WOW! It is such an elegant machine! However the draw bar is really stiff to turn, so I want to remove it and see if it is bent or bound up with old grease. I have lightly tried to hammer a tapered wedge under the knob but did not have any success.

    Can anyone show me a picture of the removed draw bar or share some incite with me?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Don't know about your SIP....
    But the answer lies in how the draw bar works....
    Most Euro machines have self extracting draw bars, where the tool will release by first loosening the draw bar then if you continue to loosen the draw bar will actually push the tool
    holder off the taper and all will become loose....

    In order to have this feature, the draw bar is captured. Often the top nut or knob is threaded to the draw bar and held from rotating relative to the bar with a cross pin.
    To remove such a bar the pin is removed, the nut or knob is unscrewed, allowing the draw bar to drop out the spindle.....

    I suspect yours has some sort of retention...perhaps not as simple as the top knob being threaded....but still some sort of keper that will prevent you from just pulling it out.
    Cheers Ross

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