Dumb Mistake - can you give me tips on opening my CZ Bobwhite sxs after I did this
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    Default Dumb Mistake - can you give me tips on opening my CZ Bobwhite sxs after I did this

    I was working on CZ Bobwhites and I accidentally mounted the wrong set of barrels on an action
    they weren't fit to and surprisingly they closed. Now they won't open. (they weren't loaded)

    The top lever allows the barrels to come off face a tiny bit but won't release the bite. I have removed the stock and could continue stripping the action. Whats the best way to tackle this.

    If anyone needs CZ-Huglu parts I'll gladly trade your advice for parts.

    Thanks Guy

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    I've not been into a CZ Bobwhite. Is it a typical ungerlug locking block setup?

    If so, then here's what I think I would do:

    I'd remove the top lever and pull it from the receiver. Then I'd find a way to grab or pull the locking block to the rear as far as I could without disassembling the action any more.

    is using a single bite locking block, what I thin has happened is this: The bite on the lump on the wrong barrels that you've mounted has the lower lug too long in order to allow the locking block to clear the lower lug, which won't allow the barrels to tip off the receiver. In order to get the action open, you will need to either pull the locking block further to the rear than normally is the case with the top lever, or completely remove the locking block. Depending on how the Bobwhite's action is set up, this latter issue might not be possible - some locking blocks are removed to the front of the receiver.

    If you posted some photos of the insides of the Bobwhite's action, I might be able to opine further...

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