Springfield M1922 22 cal
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    I just picked up a barreled action at an auction. It is a 1903 30-06 action that has had an M1922 barrel and bolt installed on it. The work was well done by a competent gunsmith, but he never got a magazine installed or the magazine well filled to accomodate one.

    I thought I remembered a post awhile back about this, but cannot find it.

    At any rate, does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on accomplishing this? Or better yet has anyone done a similar transplant.

    I also got a very nice Fajen semi inletted stock blank to go with it. It is a 40's vintage stock with the slim fore end and schnabel tip. Just to gloat, I paid $50.00 for the barreled action and $20.00 for the stock. I am a happy camper.


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