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    Quote Originally Posted by YdnaD View Post
    Unfortunately the "spindle orientation" feature doesn't actually engage a physical brake, so it's not very stable. It basically turns it into a servo where the spindle is neutral until you move it, then it fights you to go back to the programmed orientation. The problem is you can wiggle it around quite a bit, and if you turn it fast then it'll cause a lot of movement.
    Are you aware of this Spindle Orientation feature?
    copied from another forum

    Depends on if you have spindle orientation, which is an option. If you're not sure, type M19 P2. in MDI and see what happens. If you have a Renishaw probe, you will have spindle orient for sure.

    Also, the shot pin thing, I believe, is year dependent. My '07 doesn't have a pin at all, it just uses the motor / encoder to keep the spindle at the commanded position. If you're looking for a super accurate toolpath, it may not do it because as it's holding position, it kind of vibrates like the resolution on the spindle encoder is real coarse.


    From: Joe
    Drifton Precision Machining in Pennsylvania:
    We were having trouble indicating the keyway broach square in our Haas Minimill. Here’s the solution:
    When orientating the spindle to square up the broach we use an M19 code. We needed to move the position to indicate the broach square. When you use a whole degree you can do M19 PXXX when you need to go less than a whole degree you use an R example M19 R45.05 If you don’t use the R code the spindle will quiver and make indicating difficult. When we got this figured out we had very good success.

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