Haas Spindle bearings, grease spindle TM1, upper pulley bearing
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    Default Haas Spindle bearings, grease spindle TM1, upper pulley bearing

    My mill is a 2011 TM1 and just the last few months the spindle started making a woo woo woo noise when started up first in the morning. Not very loud, but noticeable. Once warmed up, it stops. Last week, it started making a bit more noise even when warmed up. We investigated by removing the belt and turning the motor and spindle. It was not the motor but sounds like the upper bearing on the spindle which takes the belt radial load. This spindle is a greased spindle. But on the upper cap there is a 1/8 pipe plug. Looking at the cross section of the spindle on line, and noticing that on the top of the tool changer mechanism there is a fitting screwed to the sheet metal without any connections, just three holes with nothing screwed in.

    My assumption is that this is the same spindle that is used in the other Haas machines that are oiled and on the TM1, they saved money by eliminating the spindle oil system.

    Based on this, I unscrewed the plug and looked inside and noticed there is a screen. I inserted a push to connect fitting in the spindle, then took a clean 8" length of plastic push to connect line and filled it with Kluber NBU 15, and hooked up some air to it and forced it into the spindle. Did this twice. Rotating the spindle sounded much better. I then repeated the procedure with some clean spindle oil.

    So far the spindle sounds as before the sound started. Any one else have any knowledge about this spindle and what I should do in the future?

    I wonder if there is a way to convert it to an oiled spindle and is that a good idea?

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    I've wondered about lubrication on the spindle and motor for a long time now.
    Common knowledge is all grease turns to wax plugging things up eventually and the oil leaks out.
    (I'm looking at you linier rail grease system..)

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