Haas tm-1 acceleration parameters
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    Default Haas tm-1 acceleration parameters

    Qurious what does the enclosed haas tm-1p mills have for their acceleration parameters?

    I have a 2007 open frame machine but I know the rpm and table travels are higher on the enclosed, but was the accseleration higher as well on the enclosed models?

    I've bumped spindle to 6000rpm, max travel speed to 500ipm and z axis accseleration double, but I would hate to overload a thrust bearing.
    Servo motors are well within their drive limits and after several hours of operation with lots of z movement the servo it not noticeably warm.

    This sure livens up the machine and tool changes.
    Another little tip I'll add is to remove the tool carousel delay time, mine had a several second delay, it would beep for a while before the change then move. If I set to zero it would not beep at all and move instantly. I set to 50 so it would beep while it changed but began moving much sooner.
    Not sure if the enclosed machines had this delay, but what a time saver getting rid of it!

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    I wrote a post with some params in it back in 2010 or 2011 about tweaking the TM-1s. Yeah the rapids can wiz it up a bit but they don't like a load on the table or it will alarm out. I posted the values for about 500 pounds and they seemed to work out. I haven't touched a TM in many years but if you can find it there was some good info from other people as well.

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