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    I looked in mine - I do not have the same resistor setup. Sorry. But from the image, I can see 1 side is a 6.8Ohm and the other a 12 Ohm in parallel w/ 1 underneath. Of course, measuring Ohm in circuit will skew your readings. if nobody can reply w/ in-circuit readings, taking 1 leg out might be needed? On the 6.8Ohm, here is a possible replacement from PN SQP10AJB-6R8 (url will not work for some reason? sorry).
    for example. Call them, They are great to work with and make it painless to find parts. (IMO) .

    On the other w/ 2 in parallel. you'll need to see what the bottom resistor vlaue is. if it too is 12ohm like the top, the formula for 2 resistors in parallel should equal about 6 ohms (if both the same) ... and you're 3.8 so it might be worth checking into that side? Agreed it looked a bit warm on R3. They are cheap to replace, but you'll need to use caution to replace them. pulling the board is no fun either. then static protect and getting them in/out of a multi-layer board can be frustrating if you've never done it before.

    Parallel Resistor Calculator R1 + R2 = equivalent resistor R resistance circuit equiv total resistor finder made easy piggyback = parallel - sengpielaudio Sengpiel Berlin

    My 3 cents... sorry I could not get you valid R values. Maybe someone else here can. we'll see.

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    Default R3 & R4 tool changer resistors

    Would you happen to know which one of R3 or R4 is for the shuttle motor?
    Assuming the other is carousel?

    The plan, if replacement is needed, is to leave PCB in place and solder to old resistors leads (like the stack is soldered) then cut old resistor(s) out.

    BTW, is it for sure a multi-layer PCB?
    Seems simple and spread out enough to just be 2 sided?

    Thanks for the reply!


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    According to VF Manual 96-8000, page 559, the Shuttle Motor resistor is 6 Ohm 25Watt and the Turret Motor is 6.8 Ohm 25Watt. That yours is less wattage is probably an earlier version.
    I doubt either resistor is bad. They usually show black marks from overheating.
    Parallel resistor value is (R1 + R2) / 2 if equal. (1/R1 + 1/R2 + ...) = 1/Rtotal if not.
    It is just a simple double sided board.
    The Shuttle Motor is driven through relays K9 and K10. The Turret Motor is driven through K11 and K12. Power for the motors is through FU1 (5A ABC) on the IOPCB. There is a neon light NE5 across the fuse that lights up if the fuse is blown.
    There are LEDs (LE9-LE12) on the IOPCB that light when the K9-K12 relays are activated. Check they are lighting. K9 is Shuttle In, K11 is Turret CW.
    Shuttle Motor power is through pins A&B of P6 chassis connector. Turret Motor power is through pins I&J. 160VDC so be careful!

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