MACRO & System Variables mapping of original controllers.
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    Default MACRO & System Variables mapping of original controllers.

    I have a 98Vf/4 - OS upgraded to 9.64N about 1 yr back We are/were running some custom software that was originally setup for Fanuc.... but we had running on the old OS.

    Admit to being new on haas macro/CNC programming, but I know my way around VB, PERL, JAVA JS, etc... so I'm ok w/ the challenge here.
    Where I'm confused:
    • What variable ranges are allowed for what OS version?
    • My original OS 9.46(? guess) had all these macro ranges when I'd page down, went on and on.
    • New CPU and OS 9.64N 1yr later- Matches exactly to the list in the image. Lost 1/3 of so of what would list on the old OS. Which also seems to have caused issues w/ some of those programs I was able to run.

    In consulting w/ the author, I began converting all lines where #100-#119 were used. Mapped them to #120-#139 and many more into #520++ Due to limited space and all these things needed I did float up into 540++ (for probe) which one of the program is actually. NON-HAAS!
    var conversion is all done.. uploads fine and ready to start some test runs BUT...

    OK.. My newb story now laid out, now getting to my question - (Again I'm new) The Author checked my stuff and noted he'd rather I move anything #540++ up into the #600 range. I do not have that any more when I look at the listings on my screen? #599 is the end. Yet many more showed up on the old OS... And that's my million $$ question- Do I have #600-699 or not? My systems stops at 599 and I cannot page down any farther like I used too... (ref: System Variables | Customer Resource Center )

    * THIS Image from a renishaw manual exactly matches my system and is the right age to my VF/4 OS

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    Go the current commands page, then macros page, then hit end. ours stops at 999

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    Yup... Stops at 599 nada more. I exported the vars file and imported below. 599 is all I get. I wonder if there is a setting or something to turn 'on' something more possibly? This is not making sense.

    (VER 9.64N 04-09-21)
    (S/N 14923)
    N100 V1.000000
    N101 V-16777215.000000
    N102 V-16777215.000000
    N103 V2.000000
    N104 V8.500000
    N105 V20.000000
    N106 V100.000000
    N107 V0.500000
    N108 V1.000000
    N109 V40.000000
    N110 V-16777215.000000
    N111 V-16777215.000000
    N112 V-17.107401
    N113 V-17.096600
    N114 V0.030000
    N115 V0.005000
    N116 V2000.000000
    N117 V2200.000000
    N118 V2400.000000
    N119 V2600.000000
    N120 V520.000000
    N121 V0.160000
    N122 V-17.136499
    N123 V0.100000
    N124 V0.985000
    N125 V0.723000
    N126 V5.197200
    N127 V0.200000
    N128 V0.200000
    N129 V0.005000
    N130 V1.000000
    N131 V-16777215.000000
    N132 V-16777215.000000
    N133 V-16777215.000000
    N134 V-16777215.000000
    N135 V-16777215.000000
    N136 V-16777215.000000
    N137 V-0.305800
    N138 V-16777215.000000
    N139 V-16777215.000000
    N140 V-16777215.000000
    N141 V-16777215.000000
    N142 V-16777215.000000
    N143 V-16777215.000000
    N144 V-16777215.000000
    N145 V-16777215.000000
    N146 V-16777215.000000
    N147 V1.000000
    N148 V-16777215.000000
    N149 V0.000000
    N150 V0.000000
    N151 V0.000000
    N152 V0.000000
    N153 V0.000000
    N154 V0.000000
    N155 V0.000000
    N156 V0.000000
    N157 V0.000000
    N158 V0.000000
    N159 V0.000000
    N160 V0.000000
    N161 V0.000000
    N162 V0.000000
    N163 V0.000000
    N164 V0.000000
    N165 V0.000000
    N166 V0.000000
    N167 V0.000000
    N168 V0.000000
    N169 V0.000000
    N170 V0.000000
    N171 V0.000000
    N172 V0.000000
    N173 V0.000000
    N174 V0.000000
    N175 V0.000000
    N176 V0.000000
    N177 V0.000000
    N178 V0.000000
    N179 V0.000000
    N180 V0.000000
    N181 V0.000000
    N182 V0.000000
    N183 V0.000000
    N184 V0.000000
    N185 V0.000000
    N186 V0.000000
    N187 V0.000000
    N188 V0.000000
    N189 V0.000000
    N190 V0.000000
    N191 V0.000000
    N192 V0.000000
    N193 V0.000000
    N194 V0.000000
    N195 V0.000000
    N196 V0.000000
    N197 V0.000000
    N198 V0.000000
    N199 V0.000000
    N500 V0.116900
    N501 V0.117650
    N502 V-0.001500
    N503 V0.000400
    N504 V0.000000
    N505 V0.000000
    N506 V0.000000
    N507 V0.000000
    N508 V0.000000
    N509 V0.000000
    N510 V0.000000
    N511 V0.000000
    N512 V0.000000
    N513 V0.000000
    N514 V0.000000
    N515 V0.000000
    N516 V0.000000
    N517 V0.000000
    N518 V0.000000
    N519 V0.000000
    N520 V-20.501801
    N521 V-3.579000
    N522 V-4.452900
    N523 V-45.964298
    N524 V-3.829100
    N525 V0.498900
    N526 V0.000000
    N527 V0.000000
    N528 V0.000000
    N529 V0.000000
    N530 V0.000000
    N531 V0.000000
    N532 V0.000000
    N533 V0.000000
    N534 V0.000000
    N535 V0.000000
    N536 V0.000000
    N537 V0.000000
    N538 V0.000000
    N539 V0.000000
    N540 V0.000000
    N541 V0.000000
    N542 V0.000000
    N543 V0.000000
    N544 V0.000000
    N545 V0.000000
    N546 V0.000000
    N547 V0.000000
    N548 V0.000000
    N549 V0.000000
    N550 V0.000000
    N551 V0.000000
    N552 V0.000000
    N553 V0.000000
    N554 V0.000000
    N555 V0.000000
    N556 V0.000000
    N557 V0.000000
    N558 V0.000000
    N559 V0.000000
    N560 V0.000000
    N561 V0.000000
    N562 V0.000000
    N563 V0.000000
    N564 V0.000000
    N565 V0.000000
    N566 V0.000000
    N567 V0.000000
    N568 V0.000000
    N569 V0.000000
    N570 V0.000000
    N571 V0.000000
    N572 V0.000000
    N573 V0.000000
    N574 V0.000000
    N575 V0.000000
    N576 V0.000000
    N577 V0.000000
    N578 V0.000000
    N579 V0.000000
    N580 V0.000000
    N581 V0.000000
    N582 V0.000000
    N583 V0.000000
    N584 V0.000000
    N585 V0.000000
    N586 V0.000000
    N587 V0.000000
    N588 V0.000000
    N589 V0.000000
    N590 V0.000000
    N591 V0.000000
    N592 V0.000000
    N593 V0.000000
    N594 V0.000000
    N595 V0.000000
    N596 V0.000000
    N597 V0.000000
    N598 V0.000000
    N599 V0.000000
    N9999 V41992

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    I cant quite remember but I believe in software version 11 and up they added more macros. There is the 9000 series for M and G programs on the early machines as well.

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    Thanks Hoss. I am pretty sure that I'm not going to get anything more out of her beyond #599.. I pulled a floppy from this thing in the back slot. found a PC w/ a floppy drive in the basement. (OMG it still booted!) and the Mills BU files (OEM stock as new from the unit) also stopped at 599. sooouuuuu unless there is something I'm missing.. and I guess I was mistaken on the original CPU having more...
    BTW- What is the 9000 series for M and G programs mean?

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    The 9000 M and G are amazing!! Let's say you have a sub plate on your table. And let's say you have a threaded tap holes every square inch. You write a program such as 9001 to use a drill to clean out the holes and assign it M21. So any time you go to mdi and put it m21 , it will call up that program, tool , and offsets and do a drill program to clean out every hole. You can use it for almost any type of program, or subroutines. It's up to your imagination!! It can be used in main programs as well.

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